• Adam Conner

Time to Get Direct with Vincero Watches Co-Founder Tim Nybo

On today's episode, I'm so glad to host a conversation with Vincero Watches Co-Founder Tim Nybo about why, for all brands, now is the time to get direct.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • Tim's journey to found Vincero, stemming from entrepreneurial ventures in China

  • Tim's viewpoint on building "quality-then-quantity" social followings

  • How influencers, advocates, and real customers come together into Vincero's content strategy

  • How building a brand is impacted when there is already competition in DTC -- as watches comprise one of the first categories to have multiple robust DTC brands like MVMT and Daniel Wellington

  • Some of the new ways Vincero is incorporating real customers into their brand story

  • Tips on injecting personality into a brand

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