• Adam Conner

Special Edition: The Viral Effect

Updated: Mar 25

On today's episode: Bold, Effective Action in a Global Pandemic. How best-in-class CMOs and CDOs will respond to the COVID-19 crisis to support their stakeholders now while investing for the long-term too. This is a special edition of Authentic Influence.

Adam Conner is joined by perspectives from Andrew Essex (Founder and CEO of Plan A; former CEO of Droga5; current Ad Council Board Member) and Mike Shields (CEO of Shields Strategic Consulting).

Today, you'll learn about four secular trends which, though already occurring, have been pulled forward due to this crisis, leading to peer marketing becoming an increasingly important and strategy:

  1. Mobile acceleration

  2. Decline in institutional trust (and peers as more trusted sources than ever)

  3. Legacy media unable to deliver

  4. Permanent changes in brand treatment of employees as well as consumers

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