• Adam Conner

Peter Horst: Marketing in the Fake News Era

Peter Horst has held tenure as CMO of TD Ameritrade, TruSecure (later acquired by Verizon), and most recently The Hershey Company. He also notably took the helm as SVP of Brand Marketing and CMO of Capital One, during which time he was behind the financial giant’s now famous slogan: “What’s In Your Wallet?” Today, Peter Horst is the founder of CMO Inc., through which he advises organizations on marketing and brand strategy and speaks to groups around the world on leadership challenges in modern marketing. He also writes for Forbes and CMO.com, and is the author of Marketing in the Fake News Era: New Rules For A New Reality Of Tribalism, Activism, And Loss of Trust.

On today's episode, Peter Horst sits down with Adam Conner to discuss content and marketing as a whole in a world of increasing consumer skepticism and outright distrust.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • The extent to which brand value is reflective of business value

  • How branding is optimally leveraged within content, including UGC

  • The extent to which increasing societal skepticism has hurt brands' abilities to be genuine in their content and marketing strategies

  • The extent to which brands open themselves up to high business risk when giving their IP to consumers for use in creating content on mostly unregulated social spaces -- even when intentions are good

  • Broadly, how businesses can protect themselves today when talking about branded content/messaging in general -- how to be thoughtful and sensible

  • Tips and best practices today for promoting your brand's message and value while mitigating risk

Special thanks to Peter Horst for joining the podcast. You can find his book, Marketing in the Fake News Era: New Rules For A New Reality Of Tribalism, Activism, And Loss of Trust, on Amazon here.

You can find Peter Horst here on LinkedIn and here on Twitter.

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