• Adam Conner

Lend Me Your Peers: Quicken Loans CMO Casey Hurbis

On today's episode of Authentic Influence, Adam Conner is joined by Casey Hurbis, the Chief Marketing Officer of Quicken Loans. Quicken Loans is America's largest lender.

Today, you'll learn:

  • Casey's journey to Quicken Loans; the mantras and principles which Casey carries with him every day, and instills in his team, to get better (specifically, the 19 "ism"s)

  • Casey's recollections on his favorite moments with the brand, particularly their recent Super Bowl spot with Jason Momoa (which he noted as the toughest 60 seconds of a marketer's life)

  • From the highest-profile moments to the most on-the-ground -- what happens on the other side of the storytelling coin; how Quicken captures the experiences of its millions of clients to meet its needs as a 24/7/365 marketing organization

  • How capturing client experiences is useful for brand marketing as well as its "talent brand"

  • Of course, advice on how to build a more authentic brand

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